New Year’s Resolutions

Resoluciones de año nuevo
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Resoluciones de Año Nuevo

Happy New Year! Take advantage of this annual fresh start to make a New Year’s resolution regarding your Spanish learning.

Resolution 1: Set a Spanish goal

Whether you want to start learning Spanish, be able to carry on a conversation with your neighbor, see how quickly you can relearn Spanish, or finally master that blasted subjunctive, it helps to set an actual goal so that you can track your progress.

Resolution 2: Work on your Spanish every day

The more time you spend learning and practicing Spanish, the more quickly you will learn and the better you will remember. Resolve to practice Spanish every day – even if it’s just by reading the Palabra del día or taking a single Progress with Lawless Spanish kwiz.

Resolution 3: Join a Spanish club

Practice is absolutely vital. Don’t wait to visit Spain to speak. Join the nearest branch of the Instituto Cervantes, or find another way to practice speaking Spanish. Classes, meetings, movies, and other opportunities for improving your Spanish are just around the corner.

Resolution 4: Don’t be shy

Many, many Spanish learners hesitate to use their Spanish because it’s not perfect. Don’t be one of them – avail yourself of any opportunity to practice, mistakes and all.

Resolution 5: Watch Spanish movies, TV, or theater

Make an effort to watch things in Spanish once in a while. Spanish departments of community colleges sometimes put on plays, and independent cinemas are usually good for a Spanish movie now and then. Otherwise, check out the foreign section of your nearest video store, or consider subscribing to an email DVD service.

 Resolution 6: Listen to Spanish

You don’t have to go to Spain to listen to Spanish – there are all kinds of resources right here on this site and elsewhere on the internet. Make an effort to listen to Spanish regularly.

 Resolution 7: Read in Spanish

Read the Spanish news (online or off), read a book, read a magazine, read a blog – make a point of reading something in Spanish at least once a week.

 Resolution 8: Get rid of mistakes

If you’re like me, there are some mistakes that you make over and over. Resolve to get rid of at least one, with regular practice and self-correction. Can’t think of anything? See how you do on a Spanish proficiency test.

Resolution 9: Have fun

Spanish learning doesn’t have to be tedious – play games, read comics, listen to music. Anything you do that involves Spanish is good.

Resolution 10: Plan a trip

Why not put your Spanish to the real test? A visit to Spain or another Spanish-speaking area can be interesting, informative, and inspiring.

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Spanish new year's resolutions

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