Daily Practice Ideas

Daily Spanish practice ideas
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Ideas para la práctica diaria

Practice is the key to improving your Spanish. One class or club meeting a week is simply not enough to make any significant progress; you have to study and practice regularly, preferably every day, even—especially—during school breaks.

Just 15 minutes a day on some kind of Spanish activity can make a huge difference, so here are some ideas for quick practice that you can pick and choose from every day. Of course, you can change this schedule around to suit your own needs and preferences.

 Lunes – Vocabulario

  • Study a vocabulary lesson
  • Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for the beginning-level palabra del día (and other Spanish lessons)
  • Create and work with flashcards
  • Label everything in your home with post-its or stickers
  • Write your shopping lists in Spanish
  • Whenever you need to count something, do it in Spanish
  • Keep a notebook to jot down new words you learn or words you want to look up
  • Look up new terms in a Spanish-only dictionary to see if you can guess the English equivalent before using a bilingual one
  • Write a paragraph featuring 10 new words on Facebook or Twitter

Martes – Pronunciación

Miércoles – Gramática

 Jueves – Lectura

Viernes – Expresiones

  • Study an expression lesson
  • Use an expression you’ve learned
  • Make a list of 5 expressions that all include the same verb
  • Look up a word to see whether it’s found in any expressions
  • Write a paragraph featuring 3 seemingly unrelated expressions on Facebook or Twitter

Sábado – Verbos

 Domingo – Escucha

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Daily Spanish practice

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