Verbs without Prepositions

Spanish verbs that do not require a preposition

Spanish verbs that need prepositions
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While many Spanish verbs require a specific preposition in front of a noun or infinitive, others don’t – even when a preposition is needed in the English equivalent.

Verbs + noun

acordar   to agree on
agradecer   to thank for
aprovechar   to take advantage of
buscar   to look for
escuchar   to listen to
esperar   to wait for
lograr   to manage to, succeed in
mirar   to look at
pagar   to pay for
pedir   to ask for
temer   to be afraid of

Verbs + infinitive

Note that this construction may be equivalent to an English infinitive (e.g., to do) or a gerund (doing).

aconsejar   to advise to
acordar   to agree to
amenazar   to threaten to
anhelar   to long to
confesar   to confess to
conseguir   to succeed at/in, manage to
creer   to think, believe
deber   should, must, to have to
decidir   to decide to
dejar   to let, allow
desear   to want, desire
esperar   to hope to, to wait
evitar   to avoid
fingir   to pretend to
hacer   to make
imaginar   to imagine
impedir   to prevent from, impede
intentar   to try to
jurar   to swear to
lograr   to manage to, succeed in
mandar   to order to
merecer   to deserve to
necesitar   to need, have to
negar   to deny
ofrecer   to offer to
oír   to hear
olvidar   to forget to
ordenar   to order to
parecer   to seem to
pedir   to ask to
pensar   to plan/intend to
permitir   to allow to
poder   can, to be able to
preferir   to prefer to
pretender   to try to
procurar   to really try to
prohibir   to prohibit from
prometer   to promise to
querer   to want to
recordar   to remember to
rehusar   to refuse to
resolver   to resolve to
saber   to know how to
sentir   to regret, be sorry about
soler   to be used/accustomed to
temer   to be afraid to
ver   to see

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Spanish verbs without a preposition

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