Verbs with por

Spanish verbs requiring a preposition

Spanish verbs that need prepositions
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A number of Spanish verbs require the preposition por in front of a noun or infinitive.

Verbs + por + noun

apurarse por   to be anxious about
asustarse por (or de)   to be frightened about
cambiar por   to exchange for
comenzar por (or con)   to begin with
decidirse por   to decide on
desvelarse por   to be very concerned about
disculparse por   to apologize for
estar por   to be in favor of, to support
¿Está por el presidente? – Are you in favor of the president?
    to be in the direction of
Está por el norte. –
It’s to the north.
interesarse por   to be interested in, to ask about
jurar por   to swear by/on
luchar por   to struggle for
molestarse por   to bother about/with
optar por   to opt for
pagar por (or con)   to pay with/by
preguntar por   to ask about/after
preocuparse por   to worry about
rezar por   to pray for
salir por   to leave via
ser decidido por   to be decided by
tomar por   to take for
viajar por (tren, autobús)   to travel by (train, bus)
votar por   to vote for

Verbs + por + infinitive

afanarse por   to strive to
apurarse por   to strive to
comenzar por (or con)   to begin with/by
disculparse por   to apologize for
esforzarse por   to struggle to
estar por   1) to be in favor of
Estoy por trabajar los lunes. – I’m in favor of working on Mondays.
    2) to be yet to be completed
Los platos están por fregar.
– The dishes are yet to be done.
luchar por   to struggle to
optar por   to opt for

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Spanish verbs followed by por

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