Verbs with en

Spanish verbs requiring a preposition

Spanish verbs that need prepositions
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A number of Spanish verbs require the preposition en in front of a noun or infinitive.

Verbs + en + noun

apoyarse en to lean on/against
confiar en to trust, rely on
consistir en to consist of
convertirse en to turn into, become
entrar en to enter (into)
esperar en to wait in/at
fijarse en to notice
meterse en to get involved in
pensar en to think about, have in mind
reparar en to notice
vender en to sell for (+ amount)
volver en to return in (+ time)
volver en sí to be oneself again, to regain consciousness

Verbs + en + infinitive

confiar en to trust to
consentir en to consent to
consistir en to consist of
convenir en to agree to
dudar en to hesitate to
empeñarse en to insist on, be determined to
hacer bien en to be right to
hacer mal en to be wrong to
insistir en to insist on
interesarse en to be interested in
molestarse en to bother about, take the trouble to
pensar en to think about
persistir en to persist in
quedar en to agree to
tardar en to take a long time to, delay in
vacilar en to hesitate over

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Spanish verbs followed by en

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