Verbs with de

Spanish verbs requiring a preposition

Spanish verbs that need prepositions
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A number of Spanish verbs require the preposition de in front of a noun or infinitive.

Verbs + de + noun

abusar de   to abuse, overindulge in
acordarse de   to remember
alegrarse de   to be happy, pleased about
alejarse de   to go away from
apartarse de   to keep away from
apoderarse de   to take possession of
aprovecharse de   to take advantage of
bajar de   to get out of, get off, descend from
burlarse de   to make fun of
cambiar de   to change
cansarse de   to tire (get tired) of
carecer de   to lack
compadecerse de   to feel sorry for, pity
constar de   to consist of
cubrir de   to cover with
cuidar de   to take care of
depender de   to depend on
despedirse de   to say good-bye to, take leave of
despojarse de   to take off (clothes)
disculparse de   to apologize for
disfrutar de   to enjoy
dudar de   to doubt
enamorarse de   to fall in love with
encogerse de (hombros)   to shrug
enterarse de   to find out about
estar loco de (alegría)   to be crazy with (happiness)
fiarse de (alguien)   to trust
forrar de   to line/cover with
gozar de   to enjoy
gritar de (dolor)   to scream in (pain)
jactarse de   to boast about
llenar de   to fill with
morir de (hambre)   to die from (hunger)
mudar de   to change (clothes, colors)
mudarse de casa   to move (house)
ocuparse de   to be busy with
oír hablar de   to hear about
olvidarse de   to forget
pensar de   to think of, have an opinion about
perder de vista   to lose sight of
pintar de   to paint + color
ponerse de acuerdo   to come to an agreement
preocuparse de   to worry / be concerned about
quejarse de   to complain about
reírse de   to laugh at
saber de memoria   to memorize, know by heart
salir de   to leave (from)
saltar de (alegría)   to jump for (joy)
servir de   to serve as
servirse de   to use
tratarse de   to be about, deal with
vestir de   to dress in

Verbs + de + infinitive

acabar de   to have just (done something)
acordarse de   to remember to
acusar de   to accuse of
alegrarse de   to be happy, pleased to
arrepentirse de   to regret
avergonzarse de   to be ashamed of
cansarse de   to tire (get tired) of
cesar de   to stop
convencerse de   to become convinced
cuidar de   to take care, be careful to
dejar de   to stop; to fail to
disuadir de   to dissuade from
encargarse de   to take charge of
guardarse de   to take care, be careful not to
hartarse de   to be fed up with
jactarse de   to boast about
lamentarse de   to bemoan
olvidarse de   to forget to
parar de   to stop
preocuparse de   to be concerned about
presumir de   to boast about
quejarse de   to complain about
terminar de   to stop
tratar de   to try to
tratarse de   to be about, be a question of

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Spanish verbs followed by de

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