Verbs with con

Spanish verbs requiring a preposition

Spanish verbs that need prepositions
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A number of Spanish verbs require the preposition con in front of a noun or infinitive.

Verbs + con + noun

acabar con to finish, put an end to
amenazar con to threaten with
casarse con to marry
comenzar con (or por) to begin with
contar con to count on
cumplir con to do one’s duty by, fulfill one’s obligations toward
dar con to meet, happen upon
encontrarse con to meet
enfrentarse con to face
pagar con (or por) to pay with/by
quedarse con to keep
soñar con to dream of
tener que ver con to concern, have to do with
tropezar con to run across, happen upon

Verbs + con + infinitive

amenazar con to threaten to
comenzar con (or por) to begin with/by
contar con to count/rely on
contentarse con to be satisfied with
preocuparse con to be concerned with
soñar con to dream of

Con can also be used in front of an infinitive with no preceding verb.

1. In place of the gerund:

Con llegar muy tarde, quedó sin cenar. By arriving / Because he arrived so late, he missed dinner.

2. To indicate a condition:

Puedes salir esta noche con ayudarme mañana. You can go out tonight as long as / provided that you help me tomorrow.

3. Meaning "despite" or "even though":

Con ganar tanto dinero, no posee un carro. Despite earning / Even though he earns so much money, he doesn’t own a car.

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Spanish verbs followed by con

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