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Spanish language Spanish Verb Conjugator

My Spanish verb conjugator includes these 1,200+ verbs:

abandonar to abandon
abatir to knock down, demolish
abonar to vouch for
abrasar to burn
abrazar to embrace, hug; to include
abrevar to water
abreviar to abbreviate
abrigar to shelter
abrir to open     
absolver to acquit, absolve
absorber to absorb
abstenerse to abstain
abstraer to abstract; to remove
abuchear to boo
aburrir to bore
abusar to abuse, take advantage
acabar to finish, complete
acelerar to hurry, accelerate
acentuar to emphasize
aceptar to accept
acercar to bring closer
acertar to be right; to manage to
aclamar to acclaim
aclarar to clarify; to rinse
acompañar to accompany
aconsejar to advise, counsel
acordar to agree, decide
acostar to put to bed
acostumbrar to get s.o. used to, accustom s.o. to
activar to activate, stimulate
actualizar to update
actuar to act; to activate
acuchillar to cut
acudir to come, be present
acumular to accumulate
acusar to accuse
adaptar to adapt
adelantar to advance, progress
adelgazar to lose weight
adherir to adhere; to join
adicionar to add
adivinar to predict, divine
administrar to administer
admirar to admire
admitir to admit
adoptar to adopt
adorar to adore
adular to flatter
advertir to notice, observe; to warn, advise
afeitar to shave, to put make up on s.o.
afianzar to reinforce; to guarantee
aficionarse to become fond of
afirmar to affirm; to strengthen
afrontar to confront, face
agarrar to grasp, obtain
agitar to shake up, agitate
agotar to deplete
agradar to please
agradecer to thank, to be thankful for
agrandar to enlarge
agravar to aggravate
agregar to gather, aggregate
agrupar to group
aguardar to expect, wait for
ahorrar to save, economize
ajustar to adjust
alabar to praise, approve of
alarmar to alarm
alcanzar to reach, overtake
alegrar to make happy, cheer up
alentar to encourage
alienar to alienate
alimentar to feed
almorzar to have lunch
alohar to lodge, accommodate
alquilar to rent
alumbrar to illuminate
alzar to lift, elevate; to remove
amanecer to dawn; to wake up
amar to love
amenazar to threaten
ampliar to enlarge
amplificar to amplify
añadir to add
analizar to analyze
andar to walk, go, travel
animar to animate
anotar to annotate
anular to annul
anunciar to announce
apagar to extinguish, turn off
aparcar to park
aparecer to appear, show up
apartar to shift, move; to separate; to exclude
aplaudir to applaud
aplazar to postpone
aplicar to apply, assign
apodar to nickname, label
apoderar to authorize, empower
apostar to bet
apoyar to lean, support
apreciar to appreciate, evaluate
aprender to learn
aprestar to prepare
apresurar to hurry, accelerate
apretar to tighten; to afflict
aprobar to approve; to pass (a class)
apropriar to adapt
aprovechar to utilize, be useful
argüir to argue; to accuse
arrancar to uproot, snatch; to start
arrastrar to drag
arreglar to arrange, settle, adjust
arrendar to rent
arrepentirse to repent, regret
arriesgar to risk
arrojar to throw; to emit
arruinar to ruin
articular to articulate
ascender to promote; to ascend
asear to adorn; to clean up
asentir to assent
asegurar to secure, assure
asignar to assign, allocate
asistir to attend; to serve, wait on
asociar to associate, pool
asolar to destroy
aspirar to inhale; to aspire
asustar to frighten
atacar to attack
atar to tie
atender to attend to, heed
atenerse to obey; to rely on
aterrizar to land, disembark
atraer to attract, appeal to
atraverse to dare
atravesar to cross, pass through
atribuir to attribute to
autorizar to authorize
avanzar to advance
avergonzar to shame
averiguar to find out, ascertain
avisar to warn
ayudar to help, assist
bailar to dance
bajar to lower
bañar to bathe, immerse
barrer to sweep
bastar to suffice
batallar to battle
batir to beat, battle
bautizar to baptize; to christen
beber to drink
besar to kiss
blasfemar to blaspheme; to curse
borrar to erase
bostezar to yawn
botar to throw; to bounce
boxear to box
brillar to shine
brincar to jump, skip
bromear to joke
broncear to tan
bullir to boil; to move; to swarm
burlar to cheat, deceive
buscar to look for, search
caer to fall, collapse
calcular to calculate; to figure
calentar to warm, heat
calificar to qualify; to assess
callar to keep quiet
calmar to calm
calzar to wear (shoes)
cambiar to change
caminar to  walk, move, go
cansar to tire
cantar to sing, chant
caracterizar to characterize
carecer to lack
cargar to load, burden
casar to marry, pair, couple
castigar to punish, castigate
causar to cause
cavar to dig
cazar to hunt; to chase
cecear to lisp
ceder to cede, give up; to decline
celebrar to celebrate
cenar to have dinner
censurar to censor, censure
ceñir to surround; to shorten
cepillar to brush
cercar to enclose
cerrar to close, obstruct
certificar to certify
chafar to flatten; to mess up
charlar to chat
chispear to drizzle; to throw sparks
chistar to speak
chocar to shock, startle; to collide with
chupar to suck; to sap
circular to circulate
citar to make an appointment
civilizar to civilize
clamar to clamor
clarear to brighten; to clarify
clarificar to clarify, illuminate
clasificar to classify
cobrar to recover; to charge; to collect
cocer to cook, bake
cocinar to cook
coger to catch, grasp, gather
coleccionar to collect
colegir to gather
colgar to hang; to attribute
colocar to position, arrange
colonizar to colonize
colorar to color
comandar to command
combatir to combat
comentar to comment on
comenzar to begin, to commence
comer to eat
cometer to commit
comisionar to commission
comparar to compare
compartir to share; to divide up
compensar to compensate
competir to compete
completar to complete
complicar to complicate; to involve
componer to compose
comprar to buy
comprender to understand
comprimir compress; to control
comprobar to verify; to prove
comprometer to compromise
comulgar to take communion; to agree
comunicar to communicate; to connect
concebir to conceive, imagine
conceder to concede; to bestow
concentrar to concentrate
concernir to concern
concertar to coordinate; to agree to
conciliar to reconcile
concluir to conclude
concretar to specify, make concrete
condenar to condemn
conducir to lead, drive, conduct
conectar to connect
conferir to confer, give
confesar to admit, confess
confiar to confice, trust
confirmar to confirm
confluir to meet, join
conformar to conform
confundir to confound, confuse; to lose
conmover to shake
conocer to know; to meet
conseguir to get, obtain, manage
consentir to consent; to bear
conservar to conserve, save
considerar to consider
consistir to consist (of)
consolar to console
conspirar to conspire
constar to be clear, obvious
constituir to constitute
construir to build, construct
consultar to consult
consumir to consume; to wear away
contaminar to contaminate
contar to count; to bear in mind; to tell
contemplar to contemplate; to treat well
contener to contain
contentar to satisfy
contestar to answer, reply
continuar to continue
contraer to contract
contraponer to compare, counter with
contrastar to resist; to contrast
contratar to negotiate for; to hire
contravenir to contravene
contribuir to contribute
controlar to control; to supervise
convalecer to convalesce, recover
convencer to convince
convenir to agree; to suit
conversar to converse
convertir to convert
convocar to convoke, summon
cooperar to cooperate
copiar to copy
corregir to correct; to reprimand, punish
correr to run
corresponder to correspond, tally; to be suitable
corromper to corrupt, spoil
cortar to cut
cosquillear to tickle
costar to cost
crear to create
crecer to grow
creer to believe
criar to feed; to grow, raise
criticar to criticize
cruzar to cross, intersect
cubrir to cover
cuestionar to question, dispute
cuidar to care for, look after
culpar to blame
cultivar to cultivate
cumplir to fulfill, comply with; to end, expire
curar to cure
danzar to dance; (inf) to meddle
dar to give
deber should, must, to have to; to owe
debutar to debut
decantar to decant; to deposit sediment
decender to descend
decidir to decide
decir to say, tell
declamar to declaim, recite
declarar to declare
decorar to decorate; to memorize
dedicar to dedicate
deducir to deduce; to deduct
defender to defend, protect, uphold
deferir to defer, delegate
definir to define
deformar to deform
defraudar to defraud
dejar to leave, permit
delegar to delegate
delinquir to break the law, commit an offense
demandar to request; to sue
demostrar to show, prove, demonstrate
denegar to refuse, reject
denotar to denote
denunciar to denounce; to report, to indicate
departir to talk, converse
depender to depend
deplorar to deplore
deponer to depose; to put down
deportar to deport
depositar to deposit, store
depreciar to depreciate
deprimir to depress
derramar to spill, scatter
derribar to demolish; to knock down
derrotar to defeat; to tear
desanimar to discourage
desaparecer to disappear
desaprender to forget, unlearn
desaprobar to disapprove of; to condemn
desarrollar to develop; to unroll
desatar to untie, unfasten
desayunar to have breakfast
descalzar to take off shoes; to undermine
descaminar to mislead
descansar to rest
descender to descend
descolgar to take down, unhang
desconocer to not know; to disown
describir to describe
desear to desire
desenvolver to unwrap; to unroll
deshacer to undo; to destroy
designar to designate; to select
deslizar to slide, slip
desmentir to deny, belie
desobedecer to disobey
desordenar to disarrange, make a mess
desorganizar to disorganize
despedir to say good-bye, dismiss
despegar to detach; to take off (airplane)
despenalizar to legalize, decriminalize
despertar to wake up, awaken
destrozar to destroy
destruir to destroy, ruin, damage
desunir to separate
desvestir to undress
desviar to deviate, deflect
detener to detain, stop
determinar to determine; to cause
devenir to become
devolver to return; to refund
dibujar to draw, design
dictar to dictate
digerir to digest
dirigir to direct, address; to manage, run
discernir to discern
discubrir to discover
disculpar pardon, forgive
discutir to discuss
diseminar to disseminate
disentir to dissent
disfrazar to disguise, conceal
disfrutar to enjoy, make use of
disminuir to diminish
disimular to hide
disolver to dissolve
dispensar to dispense; to excuse, exempt
disponer to dipose of; to arrange, order
distinguir to distinguish, discern
distraer to distract, divert, amuse
distribuir to distribute
divertir to amuse, entertain, divert
dividir to divide
divorciar to divorce
divulgar to divulge
doblar to double, fold, turn, overtake, pass
doler to hurt, ache
dormir to sleep
dotar to endow
ducharse to take a shower
dudar to doubt
echar to throw, emit , eject
economizar to save, economize
edificar to build, edify
editar to publish; to edit
educar to educate
efectuar to effect
ejecutar to perform, execute
ejercer to exert
elaborar to elaborate; to manufacture
elegir to choose, select, elect
embarazar to hinder; to make pregnant
embarcar to embark
embeber to imbibe; to absorb
empezar to begin, commence
emplear to employ
enamorarse to fall in love
encabezar to lead, head
encantarle to enchant, bewitch, delight
encender to ignite; to turn on; to provoke
encerrar to confine, enclose; to comprise
encoger to shrink
encomendar to entrust
encontrar to meet, find, encounter
endulzar to sweeten
enfadar to anger, annoy, offend
enfermar to make or fall ill
enfriar to cool
engolfarse to get involved
ennegrecer to blacken, darken
enojar to anger, irritate, vex
enrollar to roll up; to jabber; (inf) to turn on
ensayar to test, try
enseñar to teach, show, train
ensuciar to soil, dirty, pollute
entender to understand; to intend, mean
enterrar to inter, bury
entrar to enter
entregar to deliver, surrender
entretener to entertain, to hold up, delay
enviar to send
envidiar to envy, covet
envolver to wrap, pack, enfold
equipar to equip
equivaler to be equivalent
equivocar to mistake, miss
erigir to erect, build
errar to err, miss; to wander
escapar to escape, elude
esconder to hide, conceal
escoger to choose
escribir to write
escrutar to scrutinize; to count votes
escuchar to listen (to)
esculpir to carve, sculpt
escurrir to wring out; to drip; to be slippery
esforzar to strengthen, invigorate
esparcir to spread, scatter; to amuse, divert
especificar to specify
esperar to wait, expect, hope
espiar to spy on
esquiar to ski
establecer to establish
estar to be
estimar to estimate, esteem
estorbar to hinder, bother
estornudar to sneeze
estrechar to narrow; to squeeze
estropear to damage
estudiar to study, consider
evacuar to evacuate; to fulfill
evitar to avoid
evocar to evoke, invoke
exagerar to exaggerate
examinar to examine; to test
exceptuar to except, exclude, exempt
excitar to excite, incite
exclamar to exclaimexcluir
excluir to exclude
excusar to excuse
exhalar to exhale; to emit
exigir to demand, require
existir to exist
expedir to issue; to ship
explicar to explain
explorar to explore
exponer to expose, display
expresar to express
exprimir to squeeze; to exploit
extender to extend; to draw up
extinguir to extinguish, exterminate
extraer to extract
extrañar to find strange, to miss s.o. or s.t.
fabricar to manufacture, fabricate
facilitar to facilitate; to provide
fallar to fail; to miss
falsificar to falsify
faltarle to lack, be lacking
familiarizar to familiarize
fatigar to fatigue
favorecer to favor; to flatter
felicitar to congratulate
festejar to celebrate, feast
fiar to entrust; to guarantee
fichar to file, index; to sign up
fijarse to pay attention, notice; to affix, settle on
finalizar to finish
fingir to feign, fake
firmar to sign
flirtear to flirt
florecer to flower, flourish
flotar to float, flutter
fluir to flow
formar to shape, form; to train
formular to formulate
fornicar to fornicate
forzar to force
fotocopiar to photocopy
fotografiar to photograph
fregar to scrub; to wash dishes
frenar to brake; to restrain
frotar to rub
fumar to smoke
funcionar to function
fundar to found
fusionar to fuse, merge
ganar to win, earn, gain
garantizar to guarantee
gastar to spend, use up, waste
gemir to groan, moan
generalizar to generalize
generar to generate
germinar to germinate
gestear to gesture, grimace
gestionar to manage; to negotiate
girar to turn, rotate, spin
gobernar to govern
golpear to hit, thump
gotear to drip, trickle
gozar to enjoy; to have
graduar to grade, classify; to graduate
gratificar to reward; to gratify
gravar to burden
gritar to shout, scream
guardar to guard; to keep, retain
gruñir to grumble, growl
guiar to guide, lead; to drive
gustarle to taste; to be pleasing
haber to have (in the perfect tenses)
habitar to inhabit, dwell
habituar to habituate
hablar to talk, speak
hacer to do, make
hallarse to find, come across
hartar to satiate; to weary
heder to stink; to annoy
helar to freeze; to astonish
henchir to stuff, fill
heredar to inherit
herir to injure, hurt
hervir to boil; to seethe
hidratar to hydrate, moisturize
hinchar to swell, inflate
hipar to hiccup; to pant; to yearn
holgar to rest; to be superfluous
honrar to honor
hospedar to lodge, accommodate
hospitalizar to hospitalize
huir to flee, escape
identificar to identify
ignorar to be ignorant of; to ignore
igualar to equalize; to level, even
iluminar to illuminate
ilusionar (inf) to deceive, encourage falsely
ilustrar to illustrate, enlighten
imaginar to imagine
impedir to prevent, impede
implicar to implicate
implorar to implore
imponer to impose, demand
importarle to matter, be important
impresionar to impress, make an impression
incendiar to set on fire, inflame
incitar to incite
inclinar to incline
incluir to include, contain
indicar to indicate, point out
inducir to persuade, induce
inferir to infer
influenciar to influence
influir to influence, have influence
informar to inform, report
inhalar to inhale, sniff
inhibir to inhibit, restrain
iniciar to initiate
inocular to inoculate; to corrupt
inscribir to record, inscribe; to enroll
insinuar to insinuate
insistir to insist
inspeccionar to inspect
inspirar to inspire
instituir to institute
instruir to instruct
interesar to interest, appeal to, concern, involve
interpretar to interpret
interrumpir to interrupt
intervenir to intervene; to supervise
introducir to introduce, insert, input
inventar to invent
invertir to invert; to invest
investigar to investigate
invitar to invite
invocar to invoke; to implore
ir to go
irritar to irritate
jabonar to soap, lather
jactarse to brag
jugar to play
juntar to join, connect; amass
jurar to swear, take an oath
justificar to justify; to verify
juzgar to judge
lactar to breast-feed
lagrimar to cry
lamentar to lament, regret, be sorry
laminar to laminate; to smash
lanzar to throw, launch
lastimar to hurt, injure, distress, pity
lavar to wash
leer to read
legalizar to legalize; to authenticate
legitimar to legitimize
levantarse to lift, raise
liar to tie
liberar to liberate
licitar to bid for
ligar to tie; to mix
limar to file; to polish
limitar to limit
limpiar to clean, wipe
llamarse to call, be named; to draw, attract
llegar to arrive, reach
llenar to fill, fulfill
llevar to carry, take, wear
llorar to cry, weep, lament
llover to rain
lograr to obtain, achieve, manage
lubricar to lubricate
luchar to fight, wrestle
lustrar to polish
maltraer to insult, abuse, mistreat
maltratar to mistreat; to batter
manchar to soil, stain, sully
mandar to order, ask for, command
manejar to handle, manage, drive
manipular to manipulate, handle
mantener to maintain, support
marginar to marginalize, isolate
maquillarse to put on make-up
marcar to mark, notice; indicate
marchar to walk, march, work a machine
marrar to miss; to fail, go badly
mascar to chew; (inf) to mumble
masticar to chew, masticate
matar to kill (literally and figuratively)
mecer to rock, swing, sway, stir
mediar to mediate, to be in the middle; to happen
medir to compare, measure
meditar to meditate
mejorar to improve, upgrade
memorizar to memorize
mencionar to mention
menguar to diminish; to discredit
mentir to lie
merecer to deserve, merit
merendar to glance at; to have an afternoon snack
meter to put, insert; to score (a goal)
mezclar to mix
mirar to watch, look at, consider
mitigar to mitigate, appease
modernizar to modernize
modificar to modify
mojar to wet; to interfere
moler to grind, wear out
molestar to bother, annoy
montar to climb, go up, mount
morder to bite; to corrode
morir to die; to kill
mostrar to show, point out
mover to move; to cause, provoke
mudar to change
multiplicar to multiply
nacer to be born, hatch, sprout
nadar to swim
narrar to narrate
naturalizar to naturalize
navegar to navigate
necesitar to need, necessitate
negar to deny, reject, refuse
negociar to negotiate
nevar to snow
ningunear to scorn; to treat badly
nombrar to name, designate
nominar to nominate
normalizar to normalize
notar to notice, perceive; to note down
noticiar to notify
notificar to notify
numerar to number
nutrir to nourish
obedecer to obey
objetar to object; to present (an argument)
objetivar to objectify, state objectively
obligar to force, compel, oblige
obliterar to obliterate
obrar to work; to behave, act
obsequiar to be obsequious, lavish attention
observar to observe
obstruir to obstruct
obtener to obtain, get
ocultar to hide, conceal
ocupar to occupy; to confiscate
ocurrir to occur
oficiar to officiate; to inform officially
ofrecer to give, offer, present
ofrendar to offer
ofuscar to obfuscate; to dazzle
oír to hear, listen
ojear to eye, stare at; to drive away
olear to smell, sniff
oler to smell; to pry into, sniff out
olvidar to forget, omit
omitir to omit
ondolarse to wave, undulate
operar to operate; to effect
opinar to think; to opine
oponer to oppose
oprimir to press, squeeze
optar to opt, choose; to compete
ordenar to order, arrange
organizar to organize, set up
osar to dare
oscilar to oscillate, swing, fluctuate
oscurecer to obscure
pagar to pay, repay
paginar to paginate, number pages
palpar to touch, feel
palpitar to palpitate, beat, throb
parar to stop
parecer to seem, appear, look
parir to give birth
participar to participate; to notify, inform
patinar to skate; to skid, slip
partir to depart, set out; to divide
pasar to pass, give; to happen, spend (time)
pasear to stroll; to take for a walk
patear to trample, kick
pausar to slow down
pedir to ask for, request, order
pegar to beat, hit; to glue, adhere
peinar to comb
pelar to shear, skin, peel
peligrar to be in danger
penar to penalize, punish; to suffer
penetrar to penetrate
pensar to think
percibir to perceive, sense
perder to lose
perdonar to pardon, forgive, excuse
perdurar to last
perecer to perish
perfilar to outline, shape; to streamline
perfumar to perfume
perjudicar to harm, prejudice
perjurar to perjure
permanecer to stay, remain
permutar to exchange
perseguir to pursue, persecute
persistir to persist
personalizar to personalize
personificar to personify
persuadir to persuade
pertenecer to pertain
pervertir to pervert
pesar to weigh; to distress
pescar to fish, catch
picar to pierce, prick; to sting
pilotar to pilot; to drive, steer
pintar to paint
pisar to tread, step, walk (on)
plagar to plague
planchar to iron
plantar to plant; to erect, set up
platicar to talk, chat
planear to plan; to hover
plantear to implant; to plan, to cause (problems)
poder can, may, to be able
poner to put; to switch
portarse to behave
posar to put down, place; to pose
poseer to possess, own
posponer to postpone; to place after
potenciar to favor; to promote, develop, improve
practicar to practice; to perform, carry out
preceder to precede, have priority
precisar to need; to pinpoint, specify
predicar to preach
predecir to predict
predisponer to predispose, prejudice, bias
predominar to dominate, predominate
preferir to prefer
preguntar to ask, inquire
prender to catch, attach
preocuparse to worry, preoccupy
preparar to prepare, train
preponer to place before
prescribir to prescribe
presentar to present, introduce
presentir to have a premonition; to feel, be aware
preservar to preserve, protect
prestar to loan, lend
presuponer to presuppose, assume
pretender to try to; to claim
prevalecer to prevail, thrive
prevenir to prevent; to warn; to prepare
prever to foresee, anticipate
principiar to begin
privar to deprive; to forbid; to delight
probar to test, try; to prove
proceder to proceed
proclamar to proclaim
procurar to procure; to try to
producir to produce; to cause
proferir to utter
progresar to progress
prohibir to forbid, prohibit
prometer to promise
promover to promote
promulgar to promulgate
pronunciar to pronounce
propagar to propogate, disseminate
proponer to propose, suggest
proporcionar to supply; to adjust
proscribir to prohibit, proscribe
poseer to possess, own
proseguir to continue, proceed with
prosperar to prosper
proteger to protect
protestar to protest
provenir to come from, stem from
provocar to provoke; to tempt; to bring about
publicar to publish, publicize
pulir to polish
pulsar to press, click (mouse); to pulsate
puntuar to punctuate; to assess
purgar to purge, purify
quebrantar to shatter; to weaken; to force
quebrar to break, smash; to interrupt
quedar to stay, remain, be left, ; to be
quejarse to complain, protest
quemar to burn; to annoy
querer to want; to love
quitar to remove, take away; to ward off
racionar to ration
rajar to split, crack, slice; to chatter
rascar to scrape, rasp, scratch
rasgar to tear
raspar to scrape, rasp
rastrear to dredge, trawl; to track, trail
rastrillar to rake
ratificar to ratify
razonar to reason; to itemize
reaccionar to react
realizar to make real, realize
reanimar to revive, stimulate
reanudar to resume
reaparecer to reappear, return
rearmar to rearm
reasumir to resume, reassume
rebajar to lower, reduce; to humble, disparage
rebasar to surpass, exceed
rebatir to repel, parry, reject
rebotar to bounce, rebound
recalentar to reheat, overheat
recapitular to recapitulate, summarize
recargar to overload; to increase tax
recelar to suspect
recetar to prescribe
rechazar to repel, reject
recibir to receive; to greet, entertain
recitar to recite
reclamar to demand, claim; to protest
recobrar to recover, retrieve
recoger to gather, pick up
recomendar to recommend
recomenzar to begin again, recommence
recomponer to mend, repair; (inf) to dress up
reconcentrar to concentrate on; to bring together
reconocer to recognize, identify, acknowledge
reconstituir to reconstitute
reconstruir to rebuild
recontar to recount, count again; retell
reconvenir to reprimand
recordar to remember, remind
recorrer to traverse, go over/through
recortar to cut off, trim
rectificar to rectify
recubrir to cover, coat
recular to recoil, retreat
recuperar to recuperate, recover, reclaim
reducir to reduce
reeditar to reissue, reprint
reelegir to re-elect
referir to tell, refer
reflejar to reflect
reformar reform
regalar to present, give; to treat well
regar to water, irrigate
regir to rule, govern, prevail
registrar to register, record; to search
regresar to return, come/go back
regular to regulate
rehacer to redo
reír to laugh
relajar to relax
releer to reread
relevar to relieve; to emboss
rellenar to refill, stuff
relumbrar to glare, shine brightly
remarcar to observe, remark; to emphasize
remediar to remedy, repair; to prevent
remeter to put back
remitir to send, remit
remontar to mend; to surmount
remorder to grieve
remover to remove; to dig/stir up
renacer to be reborn; to revive
rendir to produce, yield; to defeat; to exhaust
renovar to renovate, renew
renunciar to renounce
reñir to  quarrel; to scold 
reorganizar to reorganize
reparar to repair; to notice
repartir to distribute, divide
repasar to pass again; to sew; to check, revise
repeler to repel
repentizar to ad-lib, improve; to sight-read
repetir to repeat
repintar to repaint
replantar to replant
replicar to retort, rejoin, answer back
reponer to replace
reposar to repose; to let one's stomach settle
repreguntar to cross-examine
represar to repress; to restrain; to recapture
representar to represent, depict; to perform, act
reprimir to repress
reprochar to reproach
reproducir to reproduce
repudiar to repudiate, disown
repulsar to repulse, refuse
requebrar to flatter, compliment
requerir to require; to request
resaltar to stick out, project; to bounce
resbalar to slip, skid
resentirse to resent; to suffer from
reservar to reserve; to conceal
residir to reside
resistir to resist; to withstand, endure
resolver to solve, resolve
resonar to echo, resonate
respectar to concern, relate to
respirar to breathe
responder to respond, answer
restar to take away, deduct; to remain
restituir to return, give back; to restore
resucitar to resuscitate, revive
resultar to be; to result, ensue, amount to
resumir to summarize; to abridge
resurgir to reappear; to recover
retar to challenge, defy
retardar to delay, retard
retener to retain, hold back
retirar to retire; to withdraw
retorcer to twist
retractar to retract
retraer to bring back; to dissuade
retransmitir to relay; to retransmit
retrasar to delay, postpone
retratar to portray
reunir to reunite, gather, combine
revelar to reveal, disclose
revender to resell
reventar to burst, explode, pop
revertir to revert
revisar to revise; to check over
revivir to revive; to relive
revocar to revoke; to dissuade
revolotear to flutter
revolver to stir through, disturb
rezar to pray, read, say
rezumar to ooze, leak
ridiculizar to ridicule
rimar to rhyme
rizar to curl, ripple
robar to rob, steal; to kidnap
rodar to roll, wheel; to travel; to race
rodear to surround; to detour
rogar to plead, beg, pray
romper to break, tear
roncar to snore; to threaten
rozar to rub, chafe; to border on
rumiar to chew; to ruminate
saber to know; to find out
saborear to savor; to taste; to flavor
sacar to take out; to produce, make
saciar to satiate, sate
sacudir to shake, tug; beat
salar to salt
salir to leave, go out
salivar to salivate
salpicar to sprinkle, splash, scatter
saltar to jump, leap, skip
saltear to rob, assault
saludar to greet, salute
salvar to save, salvage
sanar to heal, cure, recover
sangrar to bleed; to drain
satifacer to satisfy
santiguar to bless, make the sign of the cross
satirizar to satirize
saturar to saturate
sazonar to season; to ripen
secar to dry; to annoy, bore
secretar to secrete
secuestrar to kidnap
seducir to seduce, charm; to bribe
segar to harvest
segregar to segregate
seguir to follow, continue; to chase
sembrar to sow, spread
sensibilizar to sensitize, make aware
sentar to sit, place; to suit, fit
sentir to feel, sense; to regret
señalar to signal, show, indicate
separar to separate
ser to be
serrar to saw
servir to serve
signar to signal, show, indicate
significar to mean, signify
silenciar to silence
simbolizar to symbolize
simpatizar to get along
simplificar simplify
simular to simulate
situar to put, place; to locate; to invest
sobar to handle, touch
sobornar to bribe
sobrar to exceed; to remain
sobrecoger to startle, scare
sobreponer to superimpose; to favor
sobrevivir to survive
socializar to socialize
socorrer to help, succor
sofocar to suffocate
soler to be used to
solicitar to solicit
solidificar to solidify
sollozar to sob
soltar to release
solventar to settle, resolve
sombrear to shade
someter to conquer; to submit
sonar to sound, ring
soñar to dream
sonreír to smile
soplar to blow (off, away); to inspire; to prompt
soportar to support
sorber to sip; to absorb
sorprender to surprise
sospechar to suspect
sostener to support, maintain, sustain
subdividir to subdivide
subestimar to underestimate
subir to go up, climb; to raise, lift
sublimar to exalt, praise
subrayar to underline, emphasize
subsanar to overlook; to repair
subsidiar to subsidize
subsistir to subsist, survive
subvenir to meet, defray
subvertir to subvert, undermine
subyugar subjugate
succionar to suck
suceder to happen, succeed
sudar to sweat
sufrir to suffer, endure
sugerir to suggest
sugestionar to influence
sujetar to subdue, seize
sumar to add, total; to collect
sumergir to immerse, submerge
sumir to sink, plunge
superar to surpass, overcome
superponer to superimpose
supervisar to supervise
suplantar to supplant; to impersonate
suplicar to beg, implore
suponer to suppose, assume
suprimir to suppress, eliminate
surgir to emerge, surge
suscribir to agree to, sign, subscribe
suspender to hang, suspend
suspirar to sigh
sustituir to substitute
sustraer to subtract, deduct
susurrar to whisper
tachar to erase; to correct; to criticize
tapar to cover, conceal
tapiar to wall in, block
tardar to delay, be late, take a long time
tejar to tile
telefonear to telephone
temblar to tremble
temer to fear, dread
tender to extend, stretch; to tend (to)
tener to have
tentar to try, to tempt, to touch
teñir to dye
teorizar to theorize
terminar to finish, end, terminate
testar to test; to make a will
testificar to attest, testify
timar to swindle, steal
timbrar to stamp; to postmark
tipificar to typify, characterize
tirar to pull; to throw
titular to title, entitle
tocar to touch, play an instrument
tolerar to tolerate
tomar to take, eat, drink
torcer to twist; to influence
tornar to return, give back; to change
torturar to torture
toser to cough
tostar to toast, tan
trabajar to work
traducir to translate; to express
traer to bring
traficar to traffic, trade, deal in
tragar to swallow
tranquilizar to calm, reassure
transcribir to transcribe, transliterate
transferir to transfer; to postpone
transformar to transform
transmitir to transmit, broadcast
transparentar to reveal; to be transparent
transpirar to perspire; to transpire
transponer to transpose; to transplant
transportar to transport
tratar to treat, handle; to deal with
trazar to draw, trace
trenzar to braid, plait
triunfar to triumph
tropezar to stumble; to run into someone
trotar to trot, travel around
tumbar to knock down; to fall down
tutear to use (familiar you), be informal
ufanarse to boast
ultimar to finish, finalize
ultrajar to outrage, insult, offend
unificar to unify
uniformar to standardize, make uniform
unir to unite
untar to anoint, rub, dab
usar to use, make use of
usurpar to usurp, seize
utilizar to use, utilize
vacar to become vacant; to idle; to devote o.s. to; to lack
vaciar to empty
vacilar to wobble, waver, vacillate
vacunar to vaccinate; to prepare, inure
vagabundear to wander, roam
vagar to wander, prowl, loiter
valer to protect; to cost, be worth
validar to validate
valorar to value, assess
valorizar to value, appraise
vaporizar to vaporize
variar to vary
vaticinar to prophesy
vedar to prohibit, forbid
vegetar to grow; to vegetate, stagnate
velar to stay awake, guard, watch over
vencer to defeat, overcome; to win
vendar to bandage
vender to sell
vengar to avenge
venir to come; to happen
ventilar to ventilate, air; to reveal
ver to see
verificar to verify
versar to turn, to discuss
versificar to versify, put into verse
versionar to translate, adapt
verter to pour
vestir to dress, wear
viajar to travel
vibrar to vibrate
viciar to corrupt, vitiate
vigilar to watch over, guard, be vigilant
vindicar to avenge, vindicate
violar to violate; to rape
virar to turn; to change one's opinion
visitar to visit
vislumbrar to glimpse
visualizar to visualize; to display
vivir to live
vocalizar to vocalize; to hum
vociferar to shout, vociferate; to boast
volar to fly; to blow up
voltear to turn over, around; roll over
volver to return; to turn over/around
vomitar to vomit
votar to vote, vow
vulgarizar to popularize, spread knowledge of
yuxtaponer to juxtapose
zanganear to idle, loaf, waste time
zapatear to tap one's foot; to kick; (inf) to mistreat
zapear to shoo away
zumbar to tease; to buzz
zurcir to darn, mend


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