Verb Mood

Spanish verb moods
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Modos de verbos

Verb mood is all about the ‘tude; that is, the speaker’s attitude about the verb, whether it’s a fact, an opinion, a command, or a possibility.

Spanish has six or seven moods, depending on how you look at it.

Impersonal moods – Modos impersonales

Grammatically speaking, impersonal means unrelated to a subject: there is only one form of the verb for all grammatical persons.

Infinitive Infinitivo Nominal verb form – the name of the verb as well as its noun form ser to be
Participle Participio Adjectival verb form sido was
Gerund Gerundio Adverbial verb form siendo being

Personal moods – Modos personales

Personal moods have a different conjugation for each grammatical person.

Conditional Condicional Condition or possibility serías you would be
Imperative Imperativo Command sea be
Indicative Indicativo Indication of a fact – this is the most common, "normal" mood* eres you are
Subjunctive Subjuntivo Subjectivity, doubt, or impossibility que seas that you be

  Mood vs Tense

Mood is about attitude, Tense is about time.

  • There are three Tenses: present, past, and future, so these tell you when something happens.
  • In comparison, Mood indicates how the speaker feels about what’s happening: is it a fact? a supposition? a command? a possibility?

Every verb form has Tense and Mood – they work together, as you can see in my Spanish verb timeline.

  * Hint: when the mood is not stated explicitly, for example pretérito, it’s the indicative mood.

Spanish quiz Verb Mood Quizzes

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Spanish verb moods

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