Venir – to come

Venir - to come

Comely Spanish Verb

Venir means "to come" or "to happen" and is a common irregular Spanish verb. It’s often used just like its English equivalent "to come":

¿Quién viene a cenar?   Who’s coming to dinner?
Él viene a las dos.    He’s coming at two.
Venimos de Perú.   We come from (we’re from) Peru.
Una idea me viene. An idea is coming to me.

More examples with venir

Venir can also mean "to happen" or "occur."

Me vienen muchas desgracias. A lot of mishaps happen to me/I have a lot of mishaps.
¿Qué viene después?
What happens next?

And venir can be the helping verb for the Spanish present progressive in order to mean "to have been doing."

¿Qué vienes diciendo?   What have you been doing?
Vengo estudiando.   I’ve been studying.

Venir conjugations

Present tense

yo vengo    nosotros  venimos
vienes vosotros venís
él, ella, Ud. viene ellos, ellas, Uds. vienen

All tenses

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