Valer – to be worth

Valer - to be worthWorthy Spanish Verb

Valer means "to be worth" and is an irregular "g verb" in the first person singular.

yo valgo    nosotros  valemos
vales vosotros valéis
él, ella, Ud. vale ellos, ellas, Uds. valen

Valer usually means "to be worth" but it also has a number of other possible meanings:

  • to aid, protect
  • to be valid, apply
  • to cause
  • to cost
  • to earn
  • to equal, be equal to
  • to help
  • to serve, be useful
  • to win

Por ejemplo …

No vale ser famoso. Being famous won’t help/protect you.
Estos libros valen cien dólares. These books are worth $100.
No valgo para este trabajo. I’m no good for/at this job.
La cuenta vale 15 euros. The (restaurant) bill is (equals) 15 euros.
¿Cuánto vale la mesa?    How much does the table cost?

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