-uar Verbs

Spanish verbs that end in -uar are conjugated with the same endings as regular -ar verbs, but most -uar verbs require an acute accent (tilde) over the u in certain forms of the present tense, subjunctive, and imperative.

Present tense

yo evalúo   nosotros  evaluamos
evalúas   vosotros evaluáis
él evalúa   ellos evalúan


yo evalúe   nosotros  evaluemos
evalúes   vosotros evaluéis
él evalúe   ellos evalúen


evalúa, no evalúes
Ud. evalúe
nosotros evaluemos
vosotros evaluad, no evaluéis
Uds. evalúen

Spanish verbs conjugated like this

acentuar   to emphasize, accentuate
actuar   to act
atenuar   to attenuate
conceptuar   to deem
continuar   to continue
desvirtuar   to spoil
efectuar   to carry out, effect
evaluar   to assess, evaluate
exeptuar   to except
extenuar   to emaciate
fluctuar   to fluctuate
graduar   to grade
habituar   to habituate
individuar   to individualize
infatuar   to infatuate
insinuar   to hint, insinuate
menstruar   to menstruate
perpetuar   to perpetuate
preceptuar   to establish, lay down
puntuar   to punctuate, to assess
redituar   to yield (a profit)
situar   to situate
tatuar   to tattoo
valuar   to value

-guar verbs

Spanish verbs that end in -guar do not have an acute accent on the u, because the u is not stressed. However, because they are spelling-change verbs, a dieresis is required over the u in certain conjugations in order to maintain the correct pronunciation.


yo agüé   nosotros  aguamos
aguaste   vosotros aguasteis
él aguó   ellos aguaron


yo agüe   nosotros  agüemos
agües   vosotros agüéis
él agüe   ellos agüen


  agua, no agües
Ud.   agüe
nosotros   agüemos
vosotros   aguad, no agüéis
Uds.   agüen

Spanish verbs conjugated like this

aguar   to water
amenguar   to lessen, diminish
amortiguar   to muffle, cushion
averiguar   to find out
desaguar   to drain
santiguar   to bless

-cuar verbs

Spanish verbs that end in -cuar are exceptions to all of the above: they should not have any kind of accent on the u, so they are conjugated exactly like regular -ar verbs.

Present tense: evacuar – to evacuate
yo evacuo   nosotros  evacuamos
evacuas   vosotros evacuáis
él evacua   ellos evacuan

Spanish verbs conjugated like this

adecuar   to adapt
evacuar   to evacuate
licuar   to blend, liquify
oblicuar   to slant, tilt, deviate

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