-uar Verbs

Verbos –uar con acento

Spanish iar verbs
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Spanish verbs that end in –uar are conjugated with the same endings as regular -ar verbs, but most –uar verbs require an acute accent (tilde) on the u in certain forms of the present tense, subjunctive, and imperative.

-uar verbs

All –uar verbs except those that end in –cuar or –guar need ú in all but the nosotros and vosotros forms.

Por ejemplo, evaluar:

Present tense

yoevalúo nosotros evaluamos
evalúas vosotrosevaluáis
élevalúa ellosevalúan


yoevalúe nosotros evaluemos
evalúes vosotrosevaluéis
élevalúe ellosevalúen


evalúa, no evalúes
vosotrosevaluad, no evaluéis

-uar verbs with ú

acentuar to emphasize, accentuate
actuar to act
atenuar to attenuate
conceptuar to deem
continuar to continue
desvirtuar to spoil
efectuar to carry out, effect
evaluar to assess, evaluate
exceptuar to except
extenuar to emaciate
fluctuar to fluctuate
graduar to grade
habituar to habituate
individuar to individualize
infatuar to infatuate
insinuar to hint, insinuate
menstruar to menstruate
perpetuar to perpetuate
preceptuar to establish, lay down
puntuar to punctuate, to assess
redituar to yield (a profit)
situar to situate
tatuar to tattoo
valuar to value

-guar verbs

Spanish verbs that end in –guar do not have an acute accent on the u, because that letter is not stressed. However, because these are spelling change verbs, a dieresis is required on the u in all the conjugations where it’s followed by e in order to maintain the correct pronunciation.

Por ejemplo, aguar:


yoagüé nosotros aguamos
aguaste vosotrosaguasteis
élaguó ellosaguaron


yoagüe nosotros agüemos
agües vosotrosagüéis
élagüe ellosagüen


 agua, no agües
Ud. agüe
nosotros agüemos
vosotros aguad, no agüéis
Uds. agüen

-guar verbs conjugated with ü

aguar to water
amenguar to lessen, diminish
amortiguar to muffle, cushion
apaciguar to appease
atestiguar to testify
averiguar to find out
desaguar to drain
fraguar to forge, harden
menguar to decrease
santiguar to bless

-cuar verbs

Spanish verbs that end in –cuar are exceptions to all of the above: they do not have any kind of accent on the u, and are thus conjugated exactly like regular –ar verbs.

Por ejemplo, evacuar:

yoevacuo nosotros evacuamos
evacuas vosotrosevacuáis
élevacua ellosevacuan

-cuar verbs conjugated with no accent on u

adecuar to adapt
anticuar to antiquate, outdate
colicuar to melt, dissolve
evacuar to evacuate
licuar to blend, liquify
oblicuar to slant, tilt, deviate
promiscuar to do two things simultaneously

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