Top 12 Verbs

Top 12 Spanish verbs Los 12 primeros verbos

There are thousands of Spanish verbs, but some are far more important than the others. Be sure you know how to conjugate and use the 12 most common Spanish verbs.

ESTAR – to be
Estoy cansado. – I’m tired.
Lessons: using estar | estar expressions | estar conjugations

SER – to be
Soy profesor. – I’m a teacher.
Lessons: using ser | ser expressions | ser conjugations

TENER – to have
Tengo un perro. – I have a dog.
Lessons: using tener | tener expressions | tener conjugations

HABER – to have (auxiliary verb)
Ya he comido. – I have already eaten.
Lessons: using haber | haber expressions | haber conjugations

HACER – to do, make
Hago mi tarea. – I’m doing my homework.
Lessons: using hacer | hacer expressions | hacer conjugations

IR – to go
Voy al banco. – I’m going to the bank.
Lessons: using ir | ir expressions | ir conjugations

VENIR – to come
Vengo ahora. – I’m coming now.
Lessons: using venir | venir expressions | venir conjugations

DECIR – to say, tell
Digo la verdad. – I’m telling the truth.
Lessons: using decir | decir expressions | decir conjugations

PODER – to be able
Puedo ayuderle. – I can help you.
Lesson: poder conjugations

DAR – to give
Te doy un libro. – I’m giving you a book.
Lessons: dar expressions | dar conjugations

VER – to see
Veo a Miguel. – I see Miguel.
Lesson: ver conjugations

SABER – to know
Lo sé. – I know.
Lessons: using saber | saber expressions | saber conjugations


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