Subjunctive with Conjunctions

Subjuntivo con conjunciones

The Spanish subjunctive is required after a number of common conjugations and relative pronouns, whereas its usage is optional after others.

I. Required subjunctive

These conjunctions require the subjunctive

a condición de que   on the condition that
a fin de que   so that
a menos que   unless
antes (de) que   before
con tal (de) que   provided that
en caso de que   in case
ojalá que   hopefully
para que   so that
por miedo de que   for fear that
siempre que   provided that
sin que   without

II. Conjunctions of time

These take the indicative when the action in the subordinate clause is either habitual or in the past. The subjunctive is used when the main clause is a command or in the (potential) future:

así que   as soon as
cuando   when
despues de que   after
en cuanto   as soon as
hasta que   until
luego que   as soon as
tan pronto como   as soon as

Por ejemplo …

Trabajé hasta que mis niños me llamaron.    I worked until my kids called.
Trabajo hasta que mis niños me llaman.   I (usually) work until my kids call.
Trabaja hasta que tus niñols te llamen.   Work until your kids call.
Trabajaré hasta que mis niños me llamen.   I’ll work until my kids call.

III. Conjunctions of (un)certainty

These may be followed by the indicative or the subjunctive, depending on the certainty and reality of the subordinate clause.

aunque   although
como   how
de manera que   so that
de modo que   so that
donde   where
mientras que   while, until
quizás   perhaps
según   according to
tal vez   perhaps

Por ejemplo …

Quizás tu puedes hacerlo.   Maybe you can do it (I think you can).
Quizás tu puedas hacerlo.   Maybe you can do it (but I doubt it).
Yo vengo aunque no tengo dinero.   I’ll come even though I don’t have any money (I know I don’t).
Yo vengo aunque no tenga dinero.   I’ll come even if I don’t have any money (I don’t know if I have any).
Hágalo como quiere.   Do it the way you want to (you’ve already told me how).
Hágalo como quiera.   Do it the whatever way you want to (I don’t know how that is)

IV. Certainty

Conjunctions that express facts considered certain do not take the subjunctive.

así como   just as, in the same way
porque   because
ya que   since, as

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