Seguir – to follow, continue

Continuing Spanish Verb

Seguir - Spanish verb
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Seguir usually means "to follow" or "to continue" and is a common irregular Spanish verb.

Seguir = to follow

Seguir means "to follow" in most senses.

Por ejemplo…

Tengo que seguir a mi hermano.   I have to follow my brother.
Sigo las instrucciones.   I’m following the instructions.
¿Quiere seguir el ejemplo de su padre?   Do you want to follow your father’s example?

Seguir = to continue, go on

¿Quieres que sigamos? Do you want us to go on?
La carretera sigue hasta la ciudad.   The road continues to the city.

Seguir = to still be, continue being

Sigue enfermo.   He’s still sick.
¿Siguen en España?   Are you still in Spain?

Seguir in the present progressive

Seguir can also be the helping verb for the Spanish present progressive in order to mean "to continue doing," "to still be doing."

Por ejemplo…

Sigue lloviendo.   It’s still raining.
¿Sigues trabajando?   Are you still working?

Seguir conjugations

Present tense

Seguir is an irregular –ir verb.

yo sigo    nosotros  seguimos
sigues vosotros seguís
él, ella, Ud. sigue ellos, ellas, Uds. siguen

All tenses

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Seguir - to follow, continue

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