Regular -er Verbs

Regular Spanish verbs
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Verbos regulares

-ER verbs are the second biggest category of regular Spanish verbs. To conjugate an -er verb, remove the infinitive ending and then add the appropriate endings, as follows:

Singular         Plural
1st person    yo-o nosotros -emos
2nd person-es vosotros-éis
3rd personél-e ellos-en

Thus to conjugate aprender, you’ll remove the infinitive ending to find the radical aprend and then add the appropriate endings:

APRENDERSingular         Plural
1st person   yoaprendo nosotros aprendemos
2nd personaprendes vosotrosaprendéis
3rd personélaprende ellosaprenden

Common regular -er verbs

aprender to learn
barrer to sweep
beber to drink
comer to eat
comprender to understand
correr to run
deber to have to, should
leer to read
meter to put, insert
prender to catch, turn on
romper to break
temer to fear, dread
toser to cough
vender to sell

Note that the conjugations for AR, -ER, and -IR verbs are very similar. Where -AR verbs have an A, -ER verbs have an E. -IR verbs are identical to -ER verbs except in the nosotros and vosotros forms.

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Spanish regular -er verbs