Regular -ar Verbs

Regular Spanish verbs
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Verbos regulares

The largest category of regular Spanish verbs is those that end in -ar. To conjugate them, remove the infinitive ending and then add one of the following verb endings:

Singular          Plural
1st person     yo -o   nosotros  -amos
2nd person -as   vosotros -áis
3rd person él -a   ellos -an

Thus to conjugate hablar, you’ll remove the infinitive ending to find the radical habl– and then add the appropriate endings:

HABLAR Singular          Plural
1st person    yo hablo   nosotros  hablamos
2nd person hablas   vosotros habláis
3rd person él habla   ellos hablan

Note that the conjugations for -AR, -ER, and -IR verbs are very similar. Where -AR verbs have an A, -ER verbs have an E. -IR verbs are identical to -ER verbs except in the nosotros and vosotros forms.

Common regular -ar verbs

amar   to love
ayudar   to help
bailar   to dance
cambiar   to change
cantar   to sing
dejar   to leave
entrar   to enter
esperar   to wait, hope
expresar   to express
ganar   to win, earn
gastar   to spend, waste
hablar   to speak
lavar   to wash
limpiar   to clean
llamar   to call
llevar   to take, to wear
mandar   to order
marchar   to walk
mirar   to watch, look
montar   to climb
nadar   to swim
olvidar   to forget
pagar   to pay
parar   to stop
preparar   to prepare
quedar   to stay
tirar   to pull, draw
tomar   to take, drink
trabajar   to work
viajar   to travel

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Spanish regular -ar verbs

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