Present Tense


The Spanish present tense, called el presente, is quite similar in usage to the English present tense.

The present tense can express:

I. Current actions and situations.

Estoy listo.   I am ready.
Vamos al mercado.   We are going to the market.

II. Habitual actions.

Voy a la escuela todos los días.   I go to school every day.
Veo una película los sábados.   I see a movie on Saturdays.

III. Absolute and general truths.

La tierra es grande.   The earth is big.
La escuela es importante.   School is important.

IV. Actions which will occur in the near future.

Voy al mercado lunes.   I’ll go to the store Monday.
Ana llega a las dos.   Ana’s arriving at two.

V. Conditions in si clauses

Si puedo, iré contigo.   If I can, I will go with you.

The present tense has three different English equivalents. The English helping verbs "to be" and "to do" are not translated into the Spanish present tense.

I eat } Yo como.
I am eating
I do eat

If you want to emphasize the fact that something is happening right now, you can use the present progressive:

I am eating (right now) } Estoy comiendo.
I’m in the process of eating

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