Past Participle

Spanish past participles
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Participio pasado

The past participle is a verb form with several roles. It’s essential in the creation of compound verb tenses/moods and the passive voice, and it can also be used as an adjective.

The Spanish past participle usually ends in ato or ido, and is equivalent to ed or en in English. It has three primary uses.

1) Compound verb forms

Compound verb tenses and moods are two-word verb forms made up of the conjugated auxiliary verb haber plus a past participle.

Por ejemplo…

    Compound verb form
He perdido mis llaves. I lost my keys. pretérito perfecto
Ya había caído. I had already fallen. pluscuamperfecto
Lo habré probado. I will have tried it. futuro perfecto

2) Passive voice

Ser plus a past participle forms the passive voice.

Por ejemplo…

Madrid es amada por todos. Madrid is loved by all.
A menudo las gasolineras son robadas. Gas stations are often held up.
El film será seguido de una discusión. The movie will be followed by a discussion.

3) Adjectives

When used as an adjective, the Spanish past participle may be equivalent in English to a past or present participle, or to a regular adjective.

Por ejemplo…

Hay un coche parado en la intersección. There’s a stopped car in the intersection.
Los niños están sentados en el salón. The kids are sitting in the living room.
¿Por qué está enfadada? Why is she angry?

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Spanish past participle

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