Ir a – Near Future

Spanish near future

Futuro próximo

What’s going to happen? You can explain what will happen in the near future with the construction ir a + infinitive, the Spanish equivalent of "to be going to do."

To use el futuro próximo, conjugate ir in the present tense according to the subject, then follow it with a and the infinitive of the action verb.

Por ejemplo…

El avión va a aterrizar en dos minutos.   The plane is going to land in 2 minutes.
Voy a llamarte a mediodía.   I’m going to call you at noon.
Vamos a ir a la playa.   We’re going to go to the beach.

Ir can also be used in the imperfect to say "was going to do" something.

Por ejemplo…

El avión iba a aterrizar más temprano pero ….   The plane was going to land earlier but ….
Iba a llamarte cuando estaba listo.   I was going to call you when I was ready.
Íbamos a ir a la playa si hacía buen tiempo.   We were going to go to the beach if it was nice out.

Note: In English, you can say "I am / was going to” and it’s a complete sentence. But Spanish needs more: you have to include an infinitive.

– ¿Hiciste tu tarea?
– Voy a hacerla despuès de este programa.
  – Did you do your homework?
– I’m going to (do it) after this show.
– Tienes que leer este libro.
– Iba a leerlo, pero ….
  – You have to read this book.
– I was going to (read it), but ….

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