Imperative Mood Conjugations: Ud., nosotros, Uds.

Conjugaciones del imperativo

Spanish imperative conjugations
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The Spanish imperative exists for 5 different grammatical people: , Ud., nosotros, vosotros, and Uds. This page explains the imperative conjugations for Ud., nosotros, and Uds., which are the same for both affirmative and negative commands.

Regular -AR verbs

The imperative for all commands for Ud., nosotros, and Uds. are formed by taking the present tense of the verb and changing the A at the beginning of the suffix to E.

Present tense Imperative
    affirmative negative
Ud. estudia estudie no estudie
nosotros estudiamos estudiemos no estudiemos
Uds. estudian estudien no estudien

Regular -ER verbs

For all Ud., nosotros, and Uds. commands, change the E at the beginning of the suffix to A.

Ud. bebe beba no beba
nosotros bebemos bebamos no bebamos
Uds. beben beban no beban

Regular -IR verbs

Change the vowel at the beginning of the suffix to A:

1) For Ud. and Uds., change E to A.

Ud. abre abra no abra
Uds. abren abran no abran

2) For nosotros: change I to A.

nosotros abrimos abramos no abramos

En resumen …

  Affirmative Negative
Uds. abra no abra
nosotros abramos no abramos
Uds. abran no abran


  • The imperative endings for -ER and -IR verbs are identical.
  • The vast majority of Spanish imperative conjugations are the same as subjunctive conjugations.

Page 2: Imperative conjugations for and vosotros

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Imperativo conjugations in Spanish