-iar Verbs

Verbos -iar con acento

Most Spanish verbs that end in -iar, such as cambiar (to change) and limpiar (to clean), are conjugated like regular -ar verbs. For these verbs, the "i" diphthongs (is pronounced like a "y") with the "a." However, there are some Spanish -iar verbs that are pronounced with stress on the "i," and therefore need an acute accent on that letter in certain conjugations.

How to conjugate irregularly accentuated -iar verbs:

  1. Remove the -ar ending.
  2. For singular conjugations and the third person plural, put an acute accent on the "i" at the end of your infinitive stem.
  3. Add the regular -ar verb endings:



1st person       yo -o   nosotros  -amos
2nd person   -as   vosotros -áis
3rd person   él -a   ellos -an

Por ejemplo …




1st person   yo amplío   nosotros  ampliamos
2nd person   amplías   vosotros ampliáis
3rd person   él amplía   ellos amplían

-iar verbs that require this irregular accentuation:

aliar   to ally
ampliar   to expand, amplify
autografiar   to autograph
criar   to breed, raise
desafiar   to challenge
desliar   to untie
desviar   to divert
enfriar   to chill
enviar   to send
espiar   to spy
fiar   to confide
fotografiar   to photograph
guiar   to guide
liar   to bundle
malcriar   to pamper
resfriar   to cool
rociar   to sprinkle
vaciar   to empty
variar   to vary

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