G Verbs

Spanish yo go verbs
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Verbos con -go

There are a number of Spanish verbs which are regular in the present tense in all but the first person singular. These are known as "g verbs" or "yo go verbs" because the first person singular requires an unexpected g and the conjugation then ends in -go. Click on the links for conjugations, uses, idiomatic expressions, related verbs, and conjugation tests.

(Mostly) regular g verbs

These verbs are all regular in the present tense with the exception of the first person "yo go" form.

CAER – to fall

¡No caigo en esa trampa! – I’m not falling in that trap!
Lessons: using caer | caer expressions | caer conjugations

HACER – to do, make

Hago mi tarea. – I’m doing my homework.
Lessons: using hacer | hacer expressions | hacer conjugations
Test: hacer conjugations

PONER – to put

Pongo cebolla en la ensalada. – I’m putting onion in the salad.
Lessons: using poner | poner expressions | poner conjugations
Test: poner conjugations

TRAER – to bring

Traigo tres libros. – I’m bringing three books.
Lessons: using traer | traer expressions | traer conjugations
Test: traer conjugations

SALIR – to go out

Salgo mañana. – I’m going out tomorrow.
Lessons: using salir | salir expressions | salir conjugations
Test: salir conjugations

VALER – to be worth

¿Cuánto valgo?. – How much am I worth?
Lessons: using valer | valer expressions | valer conjugations

Irregular g verbs

Four irregular verbs also have -g- in the first person singular.

DECIR – to say, tell

Digo la verdad. – I’m telling the truth.
Lessons: using decir | decir expressions | decir conjugations
Test: decir conjugations

OÍR – to hear

Oígo un ruido. – I hear something.
Lessons: using oir | oir expressions | oir conjugations
Test: oir conjugations

TENER – to have

Tengo un perro. – I have a dog.
Lessons: using tener | tener expressions | tener conjugations
Test: tener conjugations

VENIR – to come

Vengo ahora. – I’m coming now.
Lessons: using venir | venir expressions | venir conjugations
Test: venir conjugations

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Spanish g verbs

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