Future Progressive

Futuro progresivo

Future progressive in Spanish
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The Spanish future progressive is very similar to its English counterpart (will be + -ing). In both languages, the future progressive expresses an action that will be in progress at a certain point in the future.

Por ejemplo…

Si necesitas algo, estaré leyendo en el jardín.   If you need something, I’ll be reading in the garden.
Mañana, estaremos caminando en Barcelona.   Tomorrow, we will be walking in Barcelona.
Estará trabajando cuando llegues.   He will be working when you arrive.

The future progressive is similar in usage to the future, but with an emphasis on the fact that the action will be in progress at the moment in question.

The Spanish future progressive is formed with the future of estar + gerund of the action verb.

 For other verbs that can be used to give a different nuance, see the variations in Present progressive.

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Spanish future progressive

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