Conditional Progressive

Potencial progresivo

The Spanish conditional progressive is very similar to its English counterpart (would be + -ing). In both languages, the conditional progressive expresses an action that would be in progress at a certain point in time. In Spanish, it can also make a conjecture about what might or must be happening.

Sabía que mis padres estarían comiendo.   I knew my parents would be eating.
– ¿Dónde está Lupita?
– Estaría leyendo.
  – Where is Lupita?
– She must be reading.
Si Juan estuviera aquí, estaríamos estudiando.   If Juan were here, we would be studying.

The conditional progressive is similar in usage to the conditional, but with an emphasis on the fact that the action would be in progress at the moment in question.

The Spanish conditional progressive is formed with the conditional of estar + gerund of the action verb.

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