Conditional Mood

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The conditional is a verb mood used for actions that are not guaranteed to occur, often because they are dependent on certain conditions. It is equivalent to "would" in English.

Using the Spanish conditional

1. Talking about what one expects or says will happen: past tense + conditional.

Paco dijo que vendría.   Paco said he would come.
Yo pensaba que trabajaríamos.   I thought we would work.

2. Probability or conjecture in the past.

Sería las ocho.   It was probably eight o’clock.
Ana olvidaría.   Ana probably forgot.

3. The verb querer is used in the conditional to express a polite request.

Quería ir con Ud.    I would like to go with you.
Queríamos unos libros.    We would like some books.

4. The verb gustarle is used to express a polite desire, sometimes one that cannot be fulfilled.

Me gustaría verlo.    I would like to see it.
Le gustaría venir, pero tiene que trabajar.    He would like to come, but he has to work.

5. Si (if, then) clauses

Si tuviera dinero, iría contigo.    If I had money, I would go with you.

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