Conditional Conjugations

Spanish conditionalConjugaciones del potencial

The conditional is one of the simplest Spanish verb forms. There is only one set of endings and most verbs – even those which are irregular in the present tense – use their infinitive as the root of the conjugation.

To form the conditional of -AR, -ER, and -IR verbs, add the appropriate ending to the infinitive.



1st person     yo -ía nosotros -íamos
2nd person -ías vosotros -íais
3rd person él
-ía ellos

Some verbs have irregular conditional stems, but they still use the same endings as regular verbs. The following table lists verbs with irregular future stems (note that the stem always ends in R, and that these are the exact same as the irregular future stems):

Verb Conditional stem  Similarly-conjugated verbs
caber cabr-
decir dir-
haber habr-
hacer har-
oír oir- *  
poder podr-
poner pondr- componer, disponer, imponer, proponer, reponerse, suponer
querer querr-
reír reir- * sonreír
saber sabr-
salir saldr-
tener tendr- contener, detener, mantener, obtener, retener
valer valdr-
venir vendr-

* These verbs lose their accent when used as conditional stems.

Here are examples of -AR, -ER, -IR, and irregular verbs in the conditional:

hablar comer partir saber ir
yo hablaría comería partiría sabría iría
hablarías comerías partirías sabrías irías
él/ella/Ud. hablaría comería partiría sabría iría
nosotros hablaríamos comeríamos partiríamos sabríamos iríamos
vosotros hablaríais comeríais partiríais sabríais iríais
ellos/Uds. hablarían comerían partirían sabrían irían

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