Caer – to fall

Caer - Spanish verb
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Spanish Verb Fall

Caer means "to fall" and is usually reflexive when the subject is an actual person or thing and is falling.

Por ejemplo …

Las hojas comienzan a caer en septiembre.   Leaves start to fall in September.
Me caigo de la cama.    I’m falling out of bed.
¡Cuidado, vas a caerte! Be careful, you’re going to fall!

When caer is used figuratively, it is not reflexive.

La tasa de interés cae cada año.   The interest rate falls every year.
El sol va a caer.   The sun is going to set.

Caer conjugations

Present tense

Caer is a g verb, which means that it’s regular in the present tense in all but the first person singular, which has a g.

yo caigo    nosotros  caemos
caes vosotros caéis
él, ella, Ud. cae ellos, ellas, Uds. caen

All tenses

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Caer - to fall