Acabar – to finish, complete

Complete Spanish Verb

Acabar is a regular -ar verb meaning “to finish, complete, come to an end.” It’s usually used in one of these grammatical constructions.

Acabar de + infinitive = el pasado reciente: to have just + past participle

Acabo de llegar.   I’ve just arrived.
Acabamos de terminar.   We’ve just finished.

Acabar de (in imperfect) + infinitive = had just + past participle

This construction is most common in the present tense, but can also be used in the imperfect to mean "had just…"

Yo acababa de hacerlo.   I had just done it.
Acababan de salir cuando…   They had just left when…

Acabar + gerund / Acabar por + infinitive = to end up + gerund

Acabo saliendo.
Acabo por salir.
  I ended up leaving.
Acaban yendo.
Acaban por ir.
  They ended up going.
Acabamos veniéndolo.
Acabamos por venderlo.
  We ended up selling it.

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