-iar Verbs

Spanish verbs with iarSome Spanish -iar verbs are pronounced with stress on the “i,” and therefore need an acute accent on that letter in certain conjugations.


-uar Verbs

Spanish verbs with iarSpanish verbs that end in -uar are conjugated with the same endings as regular -ar verbs, but most -uar verbs require an accent in certain conjugations.


Acabar de – Recent Past

Spanish recent pastWhat just happened? You can explain what happened in the recent past with the construction acabar de + infinitive, the Spanish equivalent of “to have just done.”


Accidental Reflexive

Spanish accidental reflexiveThe reflexive construction, used mainly with pronominal verbs, can also be used passively to describe accidental and unplanned occurrences. This is called la voz media in Spanish.


Compound Tenses

Spanish verb conjugations can be divided into two categories: simple tenses and compound tenses, and the latter can be further divided into two categories: progressive tenses and perfect tenses.


Conditional Conjugations

Spanish conditionalThe conditional is one of the simplest Spanish verb forms. There is only one set of endings and most verbs – even those which are irregular in the present tense – use their infinitive as the root of the conjugation.


Conditional Mood

Spanish conditionalThe conditional is a verb mood used for actions that are not guaranteed to occur, often because they are dependent on certain conditions. It is equivalent to "would" in English.