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Spanish languageSubjuntivo - Spanish Subjunctive - Conjugations of Regular Verbs

The subjunctive is usually considered the most difficult Spanish verb form for students, but hopefully this lesson will simplify matters for you. In Part I, we will learn how to form the present subjunctive of regular verbs. In Part II, we will learn the present subjunctive of irregular verbs. In Parts III, IV, and V, we'll take an in-depth look at using the Spanish subjunctive.

Regular -AR verbs: Take the present tense of the verb and change the A (or O, in yo form) at the beginning of the suffix to E.


Present Subjunctive
...que yo hablo hable
...que tú hablas hables
...que él/ella/Ud.   habla hable
...que nosotros hablamos hablemos
...que vosotros habláis habléis
...que ellos/Uds. hablan hablen

-ER verbs: Take the present tense and change the E (or O) to A.


  Present Subjunctive
...que yo como coma
...que tú comes comas
...que él/ella/Ud. come coma
...que nosotros comemos comamos
...que vosotros coméis comáis
...que ellos/Uds. comen coman

-IR verbs: The conjugation rules for -IR verbs are a bit more complicated.

  • yo form - change O to A
  • tú, él, and ellos forms - change E to A
  • nosotros form - change I to A
  • vosotros form - change Í to ÁI

If this seems too complicated, try this: take off the present tense ending and add the subjunctive ending.


  Present Subjunctive Subj. ending
...que yo abro abra -a
...que tú abres abras -as
...que él/ella/Ud. abre abra -a
...que nosotros abrimos abramos -amos
...que vosotros abrís abráis -áis
...que ellos/Uds. abren abran -an

Stem-changing verbs: Stem-changing -AR and -ER verbs follow the above rules; they use the same stem as in the present tense and thus maintain their stem changes in the subjunctive.

PENSAR Present Subjunctive
...que yo pienso piense
...que tú piensas pienses
...que él/ella/Ud.    piensa piense
...que nosotros pensamos pensemos
...que vosotros pensáis penséis
...que ellos/Uds. piensan piensen
PODER    Present Subjunctive
...que yo puedo pueda
...que tú puedes puedas
...que él/ella/Ud. puede pueda
...que nosotros podemos podamos
...que vosotros podéis podáis
...que ellos/Uds. pueden puedan


  • Stem-changing -IR verbs are irregular and are thus explained on the irregular conjugations page.
  • In the subjunctive, the first and third person singular conjugations are identical.
  • Spanish subjunctive conjugations are the same as imperative conjugations.


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