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Spanish language Spanish Future Subjunctive ~ Futuro de subjuntivo

The future subjunctive is supposed to be used in Spanish when a verb or expression requiring the subjunctive in the main clause is in the present or future and refers to a future action.

However, the future subjunctive is becoming obsolete. You are unlikely to ever hear it, as in spoken Spanish it tends to be replaced by the present subjunctive. The Spanish future subjunctive may still be found in writing, such as literature and and legal documents, so it's good to be able to recognize it.

Conjugating the Spanish Future Subjunctive

The future subjunctive is conjugated much like the -RA form of the imperfect subjunctive: take the third person plural preterite form of any regular, irregular, or stem-changing verb, drop the -RON ending to find the radical, and add the appropriate ending:

future subjunctive endings

yo -re    nosotros -´remos
-res vosotros -reis
él -re ellos -ren

for example...

yo hablare   nosotros habláremos
hablares   vosotros hablareis
él hablare   ellos hablaren
yo tuviere    nosotros tuviéremos
tuvieres vosotros tuviereis
él tuviere ellos tuvieren


  • The yo and él forms of the future subjunctive are identical.
  • In the nosotros form, an acute accent ´ is added to the last vowel in the radical.

Using the Subjunctive:

Spanish Subjunctive Tenses:

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