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Spanish languageTodo, Toda, Todos, Todas

Todo is a very common and versatile word in Spanish. It can be used as an adjective or as a pronoun.

Like other Spanish adjectives and pronouns, todo has to be "conjugated" so that it agrees in gender and number with the noun it modifies or replaces:

singular plural
masculine todo todos
feminine toda todas

Todo is usually followed by a definite article or possessive adjective + noun and means things like all, every, or the whole.

Todos los libros All the books / Every book
Todo el mundo Everyone (lit. "all the world")
Toda la clase The whole class
Todas las chicas Every girl / All the girls
Todos los días Every day
Todos mis perros All my dogs

When todo is used as a pronoun, it means everyone or everything.

Todo es importante. Everything is important.
Todos estudian. Everyone is studying.
¡Quiero comprar todo! I want to buy everything!


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