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Spanish language Si Clauses - Spanish If-Then Clauses - Spanish Conditionals

Many students of Spanish have a hard time with si clauses (also known as conditionals or conditional sentences), but they are really quite simple. Study the lessons on each of the main types and then take the quiz.

There are three main types of si clauses:

  1. First conditional: Likely situations (present + present, future, or imperative)
  2. Second conditional: Unlikely situations (imperfect subjunctive + conditional)
  3. Third conditional: Impossible situations (pluperfect subjunctive + pluperfect subjunctive or conditional perfect)

The first verb tense listed is the one that follows si (if), while the second tense is the "result clause" - the event that is dependent on the first. In English, the "result clause" is often preceded by then.

All you have to do is memorize the verb tense pairs and you're all set. You can learn more about each pair by clicking on the links above or go right to the test on si clauses.

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