Si Clauses: First Conditional

Oraciones condicionales: situaciones reales

Spanish if then clauses
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The first conditional is an if-then proposition that talks about a likely situation: if something happens (the condition), then something else happens (the result). The first conditional is constructed similarly in Spanish and English and can be further divided into three subcategories:

The order of the clauses can be reversed with absolutely no change in meaning as long as si / "if" stays in front of the correct verb form.

present si + present
future si + present
imperative si + present

Si Present, Present

This construction is useful for talking about things that happen as a rule or on a regular basis; indeed, si could be replaced by cuando (when) without really changing the meaning.

Por ejemplo…

Si llueve, no trabajamos.   If it rains, we don’t work.
No trabajamos si llueve.   We don’t work if it rains.
Si no quiero leer yo miro la televisión.   If I don’t want to read I watch TV.
Miro la televisión si no quiero leer.   I watch TV if I don’t want to read.

Si Present, Future

The si + present tense, future tense construction is used for events that will occur (in the future) if the condition is met (in the present).

Por ejemplo…

Si tengo tiempo, yo lo haré.   If I have time, I will do it.
Yo lo haré si tengo tiempo.   I will do it if I have time.
Si estudias, serás inteligente.   If you study, you will be smart.
Serás inteligente si estudias.   You will be smart if you study.

Si Present, Imperative

The si + present tense, imperative construction is used to give an order (in the imperative) dependent on the condition being met (in the present).

Por ejemplo…

Si puedes, llama mañana.   If you can, call tomorrow.
Llama mañana si puedes.   Call tomorrow if you can.
(If you can’t, then don’t worry about it.)
Si Ud. tiene dinero, pague la cuenta.   If you have money, pay the bill.
Pague la cuenta si tiene dinero.   Pay the bill if you have money.
(If you don’t have money, someone else will do it.)

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Spanish si clauses

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