Lo – Neuter Object Pronoun

Pronombre objeto neutro

Lo is the Spanish neuter direct object pronoun, used to mean "it" when referring to something non-specific or with no gender, such as an idea, adjective, situation, or clause. Note that lo is also the masculine direct object pronoun, which refers to something or someone specific.


Debiera ir a la tienda, pero lo olvidé.   I was supposed to go to the store, but I forgot [to go].
Juan me dio una pluma, pero la olvidé en el autobús.   Juan gave me a pen, but I forgot it [the pen] on the bus.
No parece feliz, pero lo es.   She doesn’t seem happy, but she is [happy].
La felicidad es muy importante. Búscala todos los días.   Happiness is very important. Seek it [happiness] every day.
Como es rico, lo tiene fácil.   Since he’s rich, he has it easy.
Me gusta la natación. Es fácil hacerla.   I like swimming. It’s easy to do.

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