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Spanish language Spanish Interrogative Pronouns ~ Pronombres interrogativos ~ Quién Qué Cuál Cuánto Dónde

, qué, cuál, cuánto, and dónde are Spanish interrogative pronouns. A pronoun is a word that replaces a noun, and interrogative means questioning, so interrogative pronouns are pronouns used to ask the questions who, what, which, how much/many, and where. Note that all of these words have accents.


Quién means who or whom; it is used when asking about people. It has the plural form quiénes.
   ¿Quién está aquí? Who is here?
¿Quién viene conmigo? Who's coming with me?
¿Quiénes han ganado? Who won?
Quién can also follow a preposition.
¿A quién habláis? To whom are you speaking?
¿De quién es este libro? Whose book is this?
Qué means what and is used to refer to ideas or things.
¿Qué quiere? What does he want?
¿Qué piensas del libro? What do you think of the book?
¿Qué es eso? What is this?
Cuál means what or which - it is used when distinguishing between two or more things. It has the plural form cuáles.
¿Cuál quieres - la pluma o el lápiz? Which do you want - the pen or the pencil?
Hay muchas ideas. ¿Cuáles prefieres? There are a lot of ideas. Which ones do you prefer?
Cuánto means how much and its plural cuántos means how many.
¿Tienes dinero? ¿Cuánto? Do you have any money? How much?
¿Cuántos están en el coche? How many are in the car?
Dónde means where.
  ¿Dónde vives? Where do you live?
  ¿Dónde estás? Where are you?

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