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Spanish language Spanish Indefinite Pronouns ~ Pronombres indefinidos

Spanish indefinite pronouns, sometimes called affirmative indefinite pronouns, are unspecific and are used in place of nouns. They can be the subject of a sentence, the object of a verb, or the object of a preposition.

Todo el mundo está aquí. Everyone is here.
Compró algo. He bought something.
Tengo un regalo para alguien.  I have a gift for someone.

The Spanish indefinite pronouns are



algo   something 1
alguien someone 1
alguno, alguna a certain one 1, 2
algunos, algunas some, a few 2, 3
cada uno each one 1, 2, 3
cualquiera anyone, whoever 1
mucho(a)(s) a lot, much, many 3
un otro, una otra another one 1, 2
otros, otras others 2
(mismo, misma) one(self) 4
todo everything 1
todo el mundo  everyone 1
uno one 1, 3, 5
varios, varias some, several 2, 3


1   These pronouns take the third person singular form of the verb.
¿Todo está bien? Is everything ok?
Alguien debe saber. Someone must know.
2 These pronouns must always have an antecedent (something they refer to in the same or a preceding sentence).
Perdí mi pluma, entonces tengo que comprar una otra. I lost my pen, so I have to buy another one.
Tiene 50 libros y quiero leer cada uno. He has 50 books and I want to read each one.
3 These pronouns can be modified with de + ellos, ellas, nosotros, vosotros, Uds., or a noun.
Uno de vosotros tiene que ayudarme.  One of you has to help me.
Algunos de los estudiantes están aquí. Some of the students are here.
4 is the indefinite reflexive prepositional pronoun.
5 Uno is the indefinite subject pronoun.

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