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Learn all about the various Spanish prepositions.

An introduction to some of the most common Spanish prepositions: a, con, de, en, and sin.

The Spanish preposition en is used to indicate location, amount of time or money, proportion, and means, and is found in a few expressions and compound prepositions.

Personal A
Although normally prepositions are not used in front of direct objects, in Spanish there is a special preposition called the personal a which precedes direct objects that refer to people, personified nouns, and animals.

Por vs Para
The Spanish prepositions por and para tend to be difficult for Spanish students, because they can - but don't always - both mean for. Learn the difference in meaning and uses for por and para with this lesson.

Possessive De
The Spanish preposition de is used to express possession in place of the 's or s' found in English.

The Spanish word según can be a preposition, conjunction, or adverb, but has essentially the same meaning as each.


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