Prepositions are the little words placed in front of nouns in order to indicate a relationship between that noun and the verb, adjective, or noun that follows. Here are some of the most common Spanish prepositions.

a = to, at

Voy a Madrid.   I’m going to Madrid.
Alguien está a la puerta.   Someone is at the door.

connect a verb of purpose + infinitive

Voy a comer.   I’m going to eat.
Ana viene a ayudar.   Ana is coming to help.

join any verb (except tener*) + a person (learn more)

Veo a la chica.   I see the girl.
Quiere a los niños.   He loves kids.
¿Buscas a Pablo?   Are you looking for Pablo?
* Tengo dos hermanos.   I have two brothers.

con = with

Voy con Carlos.   I’m going with Carlos.
chile con carne   chili with meat

de = from, of, about

Es de Paris.   He is from Paris.
el vaso de leche   glass of milk
el libro de poesía   book of poetry
la historia de amor    story about love

descriptively link two nouns

la clase de español   Spanish class
el paño de cocina   dishcloth, teacloth
el libro de historia   history book

express possession

el libro de Juan   Juan’s book
el marido de mi hermana   my sister’s husband

en = in, on, at

Estoy en la clase.   I’m in the class.
Vamos en 10 minutos.   We’re going in 10 minutes.
El libro en la mesa   The book on the table

More uses of en

sin = without

Leo sin gafas.   I read without glasses.
Quiero un libro sin fotos.   I want a book without pictures.

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