Prepositions of Place

Spanish prepositions of place
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Preposiciones de lugar

Prepositions of place indicate the location of someone or something in relation to another someone or something.

Por ejemplo…

Vivo en Barcelona.   I live in Barcelona.
El banco está tras el café.   The bank is behind the café.
¿Qué hay debajo de la mesa?   What’s under the table?

Spanish prepositions of place

Note that some of these have other meanings/uses besides indicating a location – click the links for detailed lessons.

a   at, to  
abajo de   below, under *
a la derecha de   to the right of  
a la izquierda de   to the left of  
bajo   beneath, under *
adentro de   inside (of)  
afuera de   outside (of)  
al lado de   next to  
arriba de   above  
cerca de   near  
debajo de   below, under *
delante de   in front of, facing  
dentro de   inside (of)  
detrás de   behind, in back of  
en   in, at  
encima de   on top of, above  
enfrente de   in front of  
en medio de   between  
entre   between  
fuera de   outside (of)  
hacia   toward  
junto a   next to  
lejos de   far from  
sobre   over, on  
tras   behind  


When the phrase ends in a or de, the regular contraction rules apply.

* Bajo, abajo, debajo (de) – what’s the difference?

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Preposiciones de lugar

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