Possessive de

Spanish’s possessive construction

Spanish possessive de
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In English, we use ‘s (apostrophe s) to indicate that one noun possesses another. The Spanish equivalent is the preposition de, with the order of the nouns reversed.

Por ejemplo…

la carta de Juan   Juan’s letter
los pueblos de España   Spain’s towns

Literally, "the letter of Juan" and "the towns of Spain.”

When the owner is not a proper name, it must be preceded by a modifier, such as an article, possessive adjective, or demonstrative adjective.

Por ejemplo…

el trabajo del ingeniero   the engineer’s work
los coches de mi familia   my family’s cars
la carta de esta chica   this girl’s letter

When the owner is plural, as signified by s’ (s apostrophe) in English, the Spanish modifier must be plural.

Por ejemplo…

la carta de estas chicas   these girls’ letter
los coches de mis niños   my kids’ cars

 As always, de must contract with the definite article el.

el coche del chico   the boy’s car
el trabajo del ingeniero   the engineer’s work

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Possessive de in Spanish