Spanish Preposition

The Spanish preposition en is used to indicate location, amount of time or money, proportion, and more – learn all about it in this lesson.

1) Location

  en la clase   in class
  en casa   at home
  Está en Madrid.   He’s in Madrid.

2) Point in or period of time

  en 2020   in 2020
  Vamos en 10 minutos.   We’re going in 10 minutes.
  Lo hice en un día.   I did it in one day.

3) Description

  en piedra   made of stone
  en un círculo   in a circle

4) Cost

  Se vende en 5 pesos.   It sells for (costs) 5 pesos.
  Lo compré en 100 dólares.   I bought it for $100.

5) Proportion

  más grande que Juan en una cabeza   a head taller than Juan
  reducir algo en 20 por cien   to reduce something by 20%

6) Means of transportation

  ir en coche   to go by car
  viajar en avión   to travel by plane

7) After verbs

  Many verbs must be followed by en in front of a noun or infinitive.

8) In expressions

  The preposition en is also found in a number of expressions.

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En - Spanish preposition