Spanish preposition a
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The Spanish preposition a is generally summarized as "to or at," but it has a few more meanings and uses than that.

 When a is followed by the definite article el, the two words must contract: a + el = al.

The preposition a is used for …

1) Destination

      Estoy de camino a Madrid.   I’m on my way to Madrid.
  ¡Vamos a la playa!   Let’s go to the beach!

2) Position

  Alguien está a la puerta.   Someone is at the door.
  Siempre está a mi lado.   He’s always by my side.

3) Distance

  Estamos a dos kilómetros de la escuela.   We’re two kilometers from the school.
  Vive a 20 minutos de aquí.   He lives 20 minutes from here.

4) Point in time

      Llegará al mediodía.   She’ll arrive at noon.
  Escribí mi primer libro a los 25 años.   I wrote my first book at (the age of) 25.

5) End of a range of time / amount

      Necesito de 2 a 3 horas para hacerlo.   I need 2 to 3 hours to do it.
  de lunes a sábado   from Monday to Saturday

6) Manner or method

  ir a caballo   to go on horseback
  pintado a mano   painted by hand, hand-painted

7) Personal a

  Veo a la chica.   I see the girl.
  ¿Buscas a Pablo?   Are you looking for Pablo?

8) After verbs

  Many verbs must be followed by a in front of a noun or infinitive.

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A - Spanish preposition

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