Masculine Nouns

Spanish masculine nouns
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Sustantivos masculinos

While the gender of many Spanish nouns can be determined by the final letter, that’s not always the case. Fortunately, there are several categories of words that are always masculine.


El calendario is masculine, as are all days of the week and months of the year.

  • lunes – Monday
  • enero – January

Practice – Example sentences with sound files:

In addition, three of the four seasons are masculine; the only exception is la primavera – spring.


El color is masculine, as are all colors when used as stand-alone nouns.

  • azul – blue
  • amarillo – yellow
  • rojo – red

However, when the color is replacing a noun, it has to agree: ¿Prefieres la falda amarilla o roja? La roja.

Compass points

All compass points are masculine:

  • el norte – north
  • el oeste – west
  • el sudeste – southeast

Practice: Example sentences with sound files


La fecha is feminine, but the dates themselves are always masculine.

  • el 8 de mayo
  • el 15 de octubre
  • el primero de enero

Practice: Example sentences with sound files


All infinitives are masculine when used as nouns.

  • el caminar – walking
  • el vivir – living
  • el amanecer – sunrise

Lesson: Using infinitives as nouns


The word lengua is feminine, but el idioma and all languages are masculine:

  • el español – Spanish
  • el inglés – English
  • el árabe – Arabic


El número is masculine, as are nearly all numbers.

Exception: una mitad

Practice: Example sentences with sound files

Weights and Measures

La medida is feminine, but el peso and all metric weights and measures are masculine.

  • un gramo – gram
  • un litro – liter
  • un metre – meter

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Masculine Spanish nouns

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