Contractions in Spanish
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Contractions in Spanish and English are very different, because English contractions, such as it is > it’s, are considered somewhat informal and are optional. In Spanish, however, contractions are required.

Spanish contractions

There are essentially 3 types of Spanish contractions.

1. A and de plus definite article

The prepositions a and de contract with the masculine singular definite article el. They do not contract with the feminine la or the plurals los and las.

a + el   al
a + la, a + los, a + las   a la, a los, a las
de + el   del
de + la, de + los, de + las   de la, de los, de las

2. Con plus prepositional pronoun

The preposition con contracts with the prepositional pronouns , ti, and , and the suffix –go is added to each one.

con + mí   conmigo
con + ti   contigo
con + sí   consigo

3. Verbs plus object pronouns

When object pronouns follow certain verb forms, they all contract into a single word, and accents may need to be added to maintain proper word stress.

ver + lo   verlo
mostrar + me + la   mostrármela
ayuda + me   ayúdame
vaya + se   váyase
haciendo + lo   haciéndolo
hablando + te   hablándote

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Spanish contractions