Coordinating Conjunctions

Conjunciones coordinantes

Spanish coordinating conjunctions
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Coordinating conjunctions provide a link between similar words or groups of words, such as nouns, verbs, people, etc.

José y Ana hablan francés.   José and Ana speak French.
Quiero un taco o una enchilada.   I want a taco or an enchilada.
Espera a tu hermano, entonces abre la puerta.   Wait for your brother, then open the door.
Voy a Madrid pero no tengo mucho dinero.   I’m going to Madrid but I don’t have much money.

Note that in each example, the conjunction is joining similar parts of speech. For this reason, these are called "coordinating conjunctions":

  • José and Ana are both people.
  • Taco and enchilada are both things.
  • Wait for your brother and open the door are both commands.
  • I’m going and I don’t have are both current actions/states of being.

The most common Spanish coordinating conjunctions are:

entonces   so, then
no … ni … ni   neither … nor
o   or
o … o   either … or
pero   but
sea … sea   either … or
sino   but (rather)
y   and

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Spanish coordinating conjunctions