And + Or

And or in SpanishThe words "and" and "or" are coordinating conjunctions. In Spanish, these two words have a few different forms depending on what they’re used with.


Coordinating Conjunctions

Spanish coordinating conjunctionsCoordinating conjunctions are small words that connect two or more grammatically equivalent words or phrases. The connected words might be adjectives, nouns, adverbs, verbs, or even independent clauses; the important thing is that they’re equal and each one serves the same function in the sentence.




SegúnThe Spanish word según can be a preposition, conjunction, or adverb, but has essentially the same meaning in each case.

Subordinating Conjunctions

Spanish subordinating conjunctionsSubordinating conjunctions join dependent (subordinate) clauses to main clauses. You can recognize a dependent clause by the fact that it cannot stand alone – its meaning is incomplete without the main clause.