Spanish and English capitalization are quite different, as it is much less common in Spanish. Many words that must be capitalized in English cannot be in Spanish, so read through this lesson to make sure that you’re not over-capitalizing your Spanish.

1.  First person singular subject pronoun (lesson)
He said, "I love you."   Dijo «yo te amo».
2.  Days of the week, months of the year (lesson)
Monday, Tuesday…   lunes, martes…
January, February…   enero, febrero…
3.  Titles
Only capitalize the first word (and proper names, if any).
One Hundred Years of Solitude   Cien años de soledad
Like Water for Chocolate   Como agua para chocolate
I’ll Always Come Back to San Juan   Volveré siempre a San Juan
4.  Languages (list of languages)
Spanish, French, English…   español, francés, inglés…
5.  Nationalities (list of nationalities)
I’m American.   Soy americano.
He bought a Spanish flag.   Compró una bandera española.
She married a Mexican.   Se casó con un mexicano.
I saw an Australian.   Vi a un australiano.
6. Religions
The name of most religions, their adjectives, and their adherents (proper nouns) are not capitalized in Spanish.
      Religion Adjective Proper Noun
Christianity el cristianismo   Christian  cristiano   Christian un cristiano
Judaism el judaísmo   Jewish judío   Jew un judío
Hinduism el hinduismo   Hindu hindú   Hindu un hindú
Buddhism el budismo   Buddhist budista   Buddhist un budista
Islam *   Muslim musulmán   Muslim un musulmán
  * Exception: Islam – el Islam